Lemmings Plus II

Lemmings Plus II is a sequel to Lemmings Plus I, with 100 levels, five original graphics sets, and more use of NeoLemmix features - in fact, the engine of the traditional Lemmix version of Lemmings Plus II was the predecessor of NeoLemmix! Lemmings Plus II has been updated to now run on the NeoLemmix engine itself.

        Download Lemmings Plus II (Version 2.01)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.012.XX or higher

Lemmings Plus II is divided into five difficulty ranks of 20 levels each.

Nice is a relatively easy difficulty rank, with mostly short and simple levels, though it picks up a bit towards the end.

Cheeky gets a little bit harder. A lot of the levels here abandon the skillset of 20-of-everything (or similar), and instead provide an amount slightly in surplus of what is needed to complete the level, but still somewhat restrictive. There are also a few more difficult puzzles.

Sneaky is a bit harder again. X-of-everything levels start to become rare, and most levels are either the Cheeky-style slight-surplus levels, or simple to moderate puzzles. It also introduces a type of level where the solution is obvious, but the difficulty comes from how to time it properly to avoid loss of lemmings, due to lack of ways to hold back the crowd.

Cunning is where it gets quite difficult. Almost all of the levels here are of the puzzle type, and of decent difficulty.

Genius, being the final rank, is made up mostly of very hard puzzle levels, as well as a few unique types of levels.