Lemmings Plus Omega

Lemmings Plus Omega is a pack of 120 levels based on NeoLemmix and makes extensive use of the NeoLemmix features, including variable level sizes and the new skills and objects. Instead of having new graphic sets, it uses the graphic sets from both Lemmings Plus II and Lemmings Plus III.

        Download Lemmings Plus Omega (Version 2.02)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.12.XX or higher

Lemmings Plus Omega is divided into four ranks of increasing difficulty. The general layout is very similar to that of the early main series games, but it does not feature new graphic sets.

Breezy contains fairly easy levels, as well as many tutorial levels; it begins with seven tutorial levels to cover the eight new skills, and some other levels focus on new objects or highly important tricks with the new skills. It is probably most comparable to Nice from LPII.

Puzzling contains more complicated easy levels, as well as some simple puzzles. It is probably most comparable to Medi, Cheeky and Timid from LPI, LPII and LPIII respectively.

Perplexing is where things start to get difficult. The levels here tend to be fairly difficult, and it is probably comparable to Danger from LPI or Sneaky (and maybe even Cunning) from LPII.

Mental is the hardest of LPO. The levels here are on par with Psycho from LPI or Genius from LPII; they tend to mostly not be as difficult as the Fierce levels from LPIII.