NeoLemmix Editor

The NeoLemmix Editor is an upgraded version of the Lemmix editor, for use with NeoLemmix. It used to support some other engines (namely Lemmix, Lemmini and SuperLemmini) as well but no longer does as of V1.47n.

Current Version: V10.12.12-C
        Download NeoLemmix Editor (fresh install or upgrade from significantly older versions)
        Download NeoLemmix Editor Upgrade (replace the EXE to update from V10.12.11 or V10.12.12(-B))

NOTE: V1.47n and newer use a different file structure than previous versions. If upgrading, move the contents of your "styles/NeoLemmix" folder to the main "styles" folder, then delete all the subfolders (these are used for other engines). Please replace all default styles with the versions included with the new download.

Do you want some extra graphic sets to work with? You can obtain more within the editor itself - click "Tools" on the menu bar, then "Download Graphic Sets".

Some help pages (note: these are horribly out of date, but may still be useful):
                NeoLemmix Editor - Level Properties Window
                NeoLemmix Editor - Piece Properties Window
                NeoLemmix Editor - Skillset Window

How to set up playtest mode
Simply place a copy of NeoLemmix V1.47n or higher in the same folder as the NeoLemmix Editor. Note that if you get errors when attempting to playtest, and you've placed the player in the editor's folder, try running NeoLemmix directly, and if you get a popup warning that "This program was downloaded from the internet", unclick the "Always show this warning" message box, run it, and after this it should work properly.

Note that the editor already comes with a copy of NeoLemmix, and so this is only needed to update to a new player version.

Is (insert other Lemmings game here) supported?
NeoLemmix Editor only supports saving NeoLemmix levels. However, it is possible to import Lemmix, Lemmini and SuperLemmini levels. It is not possible to even open Cheapo or Lix levels.

But I want to edit SuperLemmini levels! I heard NeoLemmix Editor can do this, but now you say the new version can't?
Indeed, SuperLemmini support has been dropped from V1.47n onwards. If you wish to edit SuperLemmini levels, you can do so using the older V1.43n-C of the NeoLemmix Editor. Make sure to put this in a different folder from the new version.

Download NeoLemmix Editor V1.43n-C