Lemmings Plus I

Lemmings Plus I (formely titled Lemmings Plus DOS Project) is a pack of 150 new Lemmings levels, using the graphic sets from both Original Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings!; it originally ran on the traditional Lemmix engine but has recently been updated to use NeoLemmix instead. Since V6 the pack was becoming less and less DOS-like, but it wasn't until officially being made a NeoLemmix pack that "DOS Project" was dropped from the title, and it was renamed "Lemmings Plus I" as a back-formation from LPII and LPIII.

        Download Lemmings Plus I (Version 2.02)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.12.XX or higher

"Lemmings Plus DOS Project" started out as a project to remake some of the levels from the earlier Cheapo-based Lemmings Plus packs for the DOS / Lemmix engines, but the proportion of original levels very quickly overtook those of remakes, and thus it was renamed to "Lemmings Plus DOS Project" rather than "Lemmings Plus DOS Remake". Nonetheless, some of the levels in the final product are indeed remakes from the Cheapo packs.

Lemmings Plus I is divided into five difficulty ranks of 30 levels each. Like in the original Lemmings games, some levels are repeats of earlier levels but with more restrictive stats and skillsets, and there is indeed a level that occurs once per difficulty rank - although it's a far more interesting level than We All Fall Down was!

The levels in Mild are all easy, and tend to be fairly short. Two levels towards the end are a bit harder than most of Mild, but still should be no problem for any experienced Lemmings player. A lot of the Mild levels tend to have multiple approaches that work.

The levels in Wimpy are still fairly easy, but tend to be longer than the levels in Mild. As well as the general case of presenting a level with ample skills, Wimpy starts to introduce a few levels that are actual puzzles, although relatively simple ones.

The levels in Medi are where the difficulty starts to pick up a bit. Levels with excess skills are still present, though these tend to be in the earlier parts of the rank or for other reasons be quite complicated, but most of the levels start to be of the type of puzzles that give a few more skills than needed but still a fairly limited amount.

Danger is where things start to get quite challenging. Levels with a simple X-of-everything skillset are almost completely absent here, and the levels start to have fairly difficult solutions.

Being the final rank, PSYCHO has all the hardest levels of Lemmings Plus I. While there is the occasional easier level added in as a breather, for the most part PSYCHO is very difficult.