Lemmings Plus III

Lemmings Plus III is the third main entry in the Lemmings Plus series, and is also the first original content to be developed for the NeoLemmix engine (as the first two Lemmings Plus entries used the standard Lemmix engine). Lemmings Plus III is a pack of 65 new levels, taking advantage of many NeoLemmix features, and with four new graphic sets. Lemmings Plus III is also the first entry in the series to use special graphics levels.

        Download Lemmings Plus III NeoLemmix Player (Version 2.03)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.012.XX or higher

Lemmings Plus III is divided into four difficulty ranks of 16 levels each, with one extra level on the final rank.

Timid is the easiest rank of Lemmings Plus III, although it is not as easy as Mild or Nice from the previous packs. The levels still mostly follow an X-of-everything formula, but start at a difficulty level more comparable to Wimpy or Cheeky.

Dodgy steps things up a bit, and generally contains simple-ish puzzles, or X-of-everything levels with a low value of X.

Rough is where things get pretty hard. These levels are mostly fairly complex puzzles.

Fierce, as the final rank, sets a new standard in difficulty for Lemmings Plus. Although as usual there are some levels that are a bit easier than the rank's average, overall Fierce is harder than PSYCHO or Genius were.