NeoLemmix Graphic Set Tool

The NeoLemmix Graphic Set Tool is a tool for creating and editing NeoLemmix graphic sets. It replaces the now-obsolete and much less user-friendly LemSet as far as NeoLemmix functionality goes; LemSet is still useful if you wish to create a graphic set for DOS or regular Lemmix, as the NeoLemmix Graphic Set Tool does not support saving to the older engines' formats (it only supports loading them).

Aside from NeoLemmix graphic sets, it can also save and load SuperLemmini and old-format NeoLemmix graphic sets; and can load (but not save) graphic sets of DOS / traditional Lemmix, traditional Lemmini, and Cheapo, as well as import LemSet-format graphic set "source code".

More information and guides will be added here at a later date.

Current version: V10.12.12

        Download NeoLemmix Graphic Set Tool