Lemmings Plus II

Genius 1
"Emergency Rescue Proceedure"
Genius 2
Genius 3
"If You're Lemmy And You Know It"
Genius 4
"Diet Control"
Genius 5
"Illusionary World"
Genius 6
"Treetop Trial"
Genuis 7
"Another Fall Survival Puzzle"
Genius 8
"Panic Attack"
Genius 9
"Overgrowth Arena"
(Former title: "Now Let's Try The Normal Way")
Genius 10
"Still No Time To Die"
Genius 11
"Dungeon of Death"
Genius 12
"King of the Sandcastle"
Genius 13
"Only A Lemming Away"
Genius 14
"Minimalistic Approach"
Genius 15
"If A Lemming Should Come By"
Genius 16
"Desert Quest"
(Former title: "SUPERLEMMING II: Desert Quest")
Genius 17
"No Construction Zone"
Genius 18
"An Unexpected Journey"
Genius 19
"Wrong Way, Mister Lemming"
Genius 20
"Cactus Central"