NeoLemmix Introduction Pack

The NeoLemmix Introduction Pack is a level pack aimed at players who are experienced with Lemmings, but are new to NeoLemmix. The pack primarily contains levels designed to emphasize the differences in gameplay mechanics, and new features, in NeoLemmix. Each rank focuses on a specific type of feature, and some of them end with a few puzzle levels that combine features introduced in that rank (for example, the rank focused on new skills contains puzzles at the end that use multiple new skills in a single level; whereas the earlier levels in the rank use only one new skill at a time).

        Download NeoLemmix Introduction Pack (V1.04)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.12.XX or higher

This rank focuses on differences in the gameplay physics between NeoLemmix and other engines.

This rank focuses on the eight new skills in NeoLemmix. It finishes with a few puzzles using the new skills.

This rank focuses on new object types in NeoLemmix. It finishes with a few puzzles using new objects.