Holiday Lemmings Plus

Holiday Lemmings Plus is a bonus entry in the Lemmings Plus series, which contains 12 levels using the Christmas graphic set (specifically, the extended version of it which adds a few extra objects). It runs on the NeoLemmix engine, and is the first entry in the Lemmings Plus series to make use of newer NeoLemmix features such as variable level sizes and the new skills.

        Download Holiday Lemmings Plus (Version 2.02)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.12.XX or higher

Holiday Lemmings Plus is divided into two ranks of 6 levels each. It does not have any gimmick or frenzy levels, and also does not use secret levels.

Glimmer consists of fairly easy levels, all of which are 20-of-everything, apart from one which is 10-of-everything. While the intention was for them to simply be fun but easy levels, these levels do also serve as somewhat of a testing ground for the player to familiarize themself with the new skills.

Arctic consists of much harder levels than Glimmer, and is a significant jump in difficulty. Especially towards the end, the Arctic levels become comparable to the Fierce levels of Lemmings Plus III in terms of difficulty; while the earlier ones are more on par with Rough.