Flexi Toolkit

Flexi Toolkit is a tool for creating your own NeoLemmix packs, and building them into the NXP files that are used by the NeoLemmix engine. For tutorials on how to create Flexi packs, please see the Flexi Toolkit Tutorial.

Current version: V10.12.14

        Download Flexi Toolkit

Here are some system graphics packs to use if you don't feel like (or want a starting point for) creating your own, but don't want the default ones either. To use any of these, first exit the Flexi Toolkit if it's running, then place the contents (or just the ones you want to use) in your project's folder.

Some of these have files in both the base directory and a "files" subfolder. This reflects how they should be placed into a Flexi project too - those in the "files" directory should likewise go in a "files" subfolder of your project folder.

Various Graphics Compilations
        Default Graphics
        Holiday Graphics (Menu panels, scroller, and skill panel from Holiday Lemmings)
        Horror Graphics (Menu panels, background and skill panel from Doomsday Lemmings)
        Lemmings Plus V (Menu background, scroller and font only; does not include skill panel graphics)

Lemming Sprites
        Default Lemmings (includes both regular and Santa variants)
        Color-Shifting Floaters / Gliders (like in Lemmings Plus III / IV / V / Omega)

Game Fonts
        Recoloring Panel Font (normal font, but changes color based on the graphic set, like in Lemmings Plus III / IV / V / Omega)

Skill Panels
        Blue Skill Panel (as in Covox / Prima)
        Green Skill Panel (as in Extra Levels NXP)
        Color-Shifting Skill Panel (like the above two, but color changes depending on graphic set)
        Lemmings Plus III Skill Panel
        Lemmings Plus IV Skill Panel
        Lemmings Plus V Skill Panel
        Lemmings Plus Omega Skill Panel

Skill Panel Digits
        Lemmings Plus III Demo 1 Digits (contains two versions; one of them is as they are in the demo, the other is with the 1 digit centered better)
        The digits used in Lemmings Plus III, IV and Omega are included in their skill panel downloads.