Lemmings Plus II

Nice 1
"Holding Out For A Hero"
Nice 2
"Acidic Lemming"
Nice 3
"The Downwards Mission"
Nice 4
"Now Figure This One Out"
Nice 5
"Get Your Lemmings' Worth"
Nice 6
"Capsule Run"
Nice 7
"Together We Sand"
Nice 8
"Evolved Lemming"
Nice 9
"No Need To Think Too Hard"
(Former title: "Lemming Collider")
Nice 10
"Lemming Snack"
Nice 11
"Fun With Lasers"
Nice 12
"Cactus Island"
Nice 13
"Watch Your Lemmings..."
Nice 14
"The Potplant Level"
Nice 15
"To Lem, Or Not To Lem"
Nice 16
"These Lasers Aren't So Fun..."
Nice 17
"Lemmings Gettin' Down"
Nice 18
Nice 19
"Live And Let Lem"
Nice 20
"Dungeon of Danger"