Lemmings Plus II

Sneaky 1
"Good Luck!"
Sneaky 2
Sneaky 3
"Tall Tales"
Sneaky 4
"Time For Plan B"
Sneaky 5
"Misfortune of the Masses"
Sneaky 6
"Flash Flood"
Sneaky 7
"Heroic Heights"
Sneaky 8
"Lemming Surge"
Sneaky 9
"Rolling Rampage"
Sneaky 10
"Drought Season"
Sneaky 11
"Top Deck"
Sneaky 12
"From The Lemming's Mouth"
Sneaky 13
"When Only A Lemming Will Do"
Sneaky 14
"O RLY?"
Sneaky 15
"The Long Way To Treedom"
Sneaky 16
"Dive from the Dunes"
Sneaky 17
"The Playground"
Sneaky 18
"A Two-Pronged Approach"
Sneaky 19
"Turnabout Lemming"
Sneaky 20
"The Impossible Level"