Lemmings Plus II

Cheeky 1
"What Does The Lemming Say?"
Cheeky 2
"Double Dipping"
Cheeky 3
"An Arm And A Lem"
Cheeky 4
"Island Hoppers"
Cheeky 5
"A Violation Of Lemming Rights"
Cheeky 6
"Raindrop Lemmings"
Cheeky 7
"Yours Treely"
Cheeky 8
"Just Breathe..."
(Former title: "A Little Breather")
Cheeky 9
"Oh Snap!"
Cheeky 10
"Camp of Curses"
Cheeky 11
"One-Lem Wonder"
Cheeky 12
"Horror Tree"
Cheeky 13
"Above The Forests"
Cheeky 14
"Land of the Lost"
Cheeky 15
"To The Treehouse!"
Cheeky 16
"Placement Testing"
Cheeky 17
"Heads Up!"
Cheeky 18
"Oasis Crossing"
Cheeky 19
"The Road to Nowhere"
Cheeky 20
"Kickback Scheme"