Lemmings Plus IV

Lemmings Plus IV is a new entry in the Lemmings Plus series, containing 80 levels across four difficulty ranks.

        Download Lemmings Plus IV (Version 2.05)
        Requires NeoLemmix Engine V10.12.XX or higher

Lemmings Plus IV does not contain secret levels, gimmick levels or frenzy levels. It features four new graphic sets: Candy, Space, Clockwork and Wasteland. The difficulty is similar to that of Lemmings Plus III overall, although the initial difficulty is higher but with a less-steep difficulty curve.

Smooth is relatively easy, although still for the most part comparable to Tricky or Taxing from the original game. Some of the early levels are tutorials for new features in Lemmings Plus IV.

Bumpy is a bit harder, though should still be no problem for experienced Lemmings players.

Twisted is where things start to really get hard. The levels generally remain quite small, but much harder than earlier ones.

Insane contains the hardest levels of LPIV, and is comparable to Fierce from LPIII. The levels also get quite large towards the end, with the last few being some of the biggest levels ever in the Lemmings Plus series.