Lemmings Plus IV

Twisted 1
"Proceed With Caution"
Twisted 2
"Lands of Despair"
Twisted 3
"Crank It!"
Twisted 4
"I Candy-ven..."
Twisted 5
"Cooling Vat"
Twisted 6
"The Brilliant Contraption"
Twisted 7
"Corrupt Shelter"
Twisted 8
"Oh No! More Ricks!"
Twisted 9
"In Lem We Trust"
Twisted 10
"Clocking In"
Twisted 11
"A Lemming Once Told Me..."
Twisted 12
"Invasion Plan"
Twisted 13
"Star Watch"
Twisted 14
"A Universal Production"
Twisted 15
"Central Heating"
Twisted 16
"Don't Hold Me Back"
Twisted 17
"Climber's Edge"
Twisted 18
"Clockwork Maze"
Twisted 19
"Damned If You Do..."
Twisted 20
"Synchronized Lemming IN SPACE!!"