Lemmings Plus III

Timid 1
"Here We Go Again!"
Timid 2
"Welcome to Lemlab"
Timid 3
"Strike It Down!"
Timid 4
"Roundabout Run"
Timid 5
"The Rickroll Level"
Timid 6
"The Rebound"
Timid 7
"Oh No! More Oddstacks!"
Timid 8
"Heads In The Sky"
Timid 9
Timid 10
"The Acid Vat"
Timid 11
"What Does This Button Do?"
Timid 12
"A Digger Would Be Handy"
Timid 13
"No Floaters, Guaranteed"
Timid 14
"Excavation Expedition I"
Timid 15
"Some Say It Was A Lemming"
Timid 16
"Locked Out!"