Lemmings Plus III

Dodgy 1
"Boost Jumper"
Dodgy 2
"If The River Runs Red..."
Dodgy 3
"Flea Market"
Dodgy 4
"Excavation Expedition II"
Dodgy 5
"A Lemming For Your Thoughts"
Dodgy 6
"Seven-Way Security"
Dodgy 7
"Experimental Materials"
Dodgy 8
"Flying On Broken Wings"
Dodgy 9
"Synergistic Effect"
Dodgy 10
"The Duck Level"
Dodgy 11
"Dreamy Drift"
Dodgy 12
"Extra Skill Required"
Dodgy 13
"Speak Of The Lemming..."
Dodgy 14
"Flag Games"
Dodgy 15
"Party In The Skies"
Dodgy 16
"Critical Point"