Lemmings Plus I

Mild 1
"Just Walk!"

Mild 2
"Be Careful..."

Mild 3
"Heading on in..."
Mild 4
"In The Style Of..."
Mild 5
"The Graveyard"
Mild 6
"The Cells"
Mild 7
"The Staircase"
Mild 8
"Wish you had them?"
Mild 9
"Tricky Hit"
Mild 10
"Take Your Time..."
Mild 11
"Cliff Climber Lemming"
Mild 12
"On The Pier"
Mild 13
"Take A Shortcut!"
Mild 14
"Let's Go"
Mild 15
"On The Other Side..."
Mild 16
"Farewell, My Lemming"
Mild 17
"Crying Over Spilt Lemming"
Mild 18
"Dying Not Recommended"
Mild 19
"Up To Where We Go"
Mild 20
"Stairway To Infinity"
Mild 21
"Falling Away From Everything"
Mild 22
"Blow Down!"
Mild 23
"Step Softly..."
Mild 24
"With A Little Creativity..."
Mild 25
"Across The Gap"
Mild 26
"No Salvation I"
Mild 27
"The Quarantine"
Mild 28
"The Descending Pillar Scenario"
Mild 29
"We All Die Someday"
Mild 30
"You Just Lost The Game!"