Lemmings Plus I

Wimpy 1
"Lemming Net"

Wimpy 2
"Lucky Charm"

Wimpy 3
"Just For Fun"
Wimpy 4
Wimpy 5
"Get Together"
Wimpy 6
"Two Pathways"
Wimpy 7
"No Salvation II"
Wimpy 8
"(Also they are ninjas.)"
Wimpy 9
"It's A Thin Line!"
Wimpy 10
"Labyrinth of Despair"
Wimpy 11
"The Flagpole"
Wimpy 12
"Only One Place To Go"
Wimpy 13
"A Magician Would Be Handy"
Wimpy 14
"Head East Or West"
Wimpy 15
"Just When You Think You Know!"
Wimpy 16
"Lemmings On Stilts"
Wimpy 17
"No Need To Worry!"
Wimpy 18
"Down The Wall"
Wimpy 19
"Whether You Lem It Or Not"
Wimpy 20
"A Snowplow Would Be Handy"
Wimpy 21
"One Step At A Time"
Wimpy 22
"Fast Enough?"
Wimpy 23
"It's A Strange Land"
Wimpy 24
"Up, Down, Round & Round!"
Wimpy 25
"Down With The Lemmings!"
Wimpy 26
Wimpy 27
"Ready, Aim, Fire!!!"
Wimpy 28
"Get up, up, up!!!"
Wimpy 29
"Russian Rescue"
Wimpy 30