Lemmings Plus Omega

Perplexing 1
"Purple Pools"
Perplexing 2
"The Enclosure"
Perplexing 3
"Make Lem, Not War"
Perplexing 4
"Borrow A Bit Of Freedom?"
Perplexing 5
"When They Need It Most..."
Perplexing 6
"Security Bypass"
Perplexing 7
"Dial "L" For Lemming"
Perplexing 8
"Oh No! More Megalemmings!"
Perplexing 9
"Stone System"
Perplexing 10
"Pillars of Pandemonium"
Perplexing 11
"Tightwire City"
Perplexing 12
"That's Just How It Is"
Perplexing 13
"Nothin' But A Lem Thang"
Perplexing 14
Perplexing 15
"Down In The Craters"
Perplexing 16
"Wiring Defect"
Perplexing 17
"An Urgent Search For Shelter"
Perplexing 18
"Bouncing Back"
Perplexing 19
"Rushing Up"
Perplexing 20
"Current Affairs"
Perplexing 21
Perplexing 22
Perplexing 23
"What A Treevil Level!"
Perplexing 24
"Grab Life By The Lemming"
Perplexing 25
"That's Quite A Lemming!"
Perplexing 26
"Whisper of the Wind"
Perplexing 27
"A Calamity Waiting To Happen"
Perplexing 28
"Jumping Into The World"
Perplexing 29
"From Endings To Beginnings"
Perplexing 30
"Lemming Treety"