Note: This page is out-of-date information. LemMain V8.0 can no longer create SYSTEM.DATs or embed them in MAIN.DAT, and NeoLemmix v1.25n onwards / traditional Lemmix V24 onwards no longer expect it to be embedded in MAIN.DAT.

When creating a MAIN.DAT with LemMain, you can supply a SYSTEM.INI file which will provide information that can be used for creating a MAIN.DAT for a Flexi Player pack. The SYSTEM.INI simply consists of multiple entries in a simple format:

key = value

Each entry is on its own line. The order of the entries does not matter; all that matters is that they're all there. Most entries apply to both NeoLemmix and Traditional; a few are specific to one or the other. If any value is not provided, it defaults to 0 for a numerical value, blank for a string, or off for an on/off option.

Numbers should simply be put as plain numbers. Strings do not have quotes or anything else surrounding them and should not be escaped in any way - just plain text. For on/off options, put 0 for off or 1 for on (or you can just omit it altogether for off).

Keys are not case-sensitive; nor is the SYSTEM.INI filename.

The options are as follows. In cases where there is a # in a key, this is to be replaced with a number; see the description for info. Note that setting an option that is irrelevant to the version you're using (ie: setting a NeoLemmix-only option when using traditional, or vice versa) won't cause problems; the option will just end up having no effect.

Output Options
save_fileIf this option is enabled, a SYSTEM.DAT file is created. This file contains the exact binary data (uncompressed) that is created from SYSTEM.INI, which may be useful if you're going to use a different MAIN.DAT tool at some point.

Ranks Options
rank_countThis sets the number of ranks in the pack. The maximum is 15 in NeoLemmix and 5 in traditional Lemmix.
rank_#_nameThis sets the name of a difficulty rank; where # specifies which rank. For example, rank_1_name = Fun would set the name of the first difficulty rank to "Fun".
rank_#_levelsThis sets the number of levels in a rank; where # specifies which rank. For example, rank_1_levels = 30 sets the number of levels in the first rank to 30.
(NeoLemmix Only)
Same as above, but sets the number of secret levels. Note that the secret levels should be included in the total level count; so for example, for 8 normal levels and 2 secret levels, rank_#_levels should be 10 and rank_#_secret_levels should be 2.

Menu Screen Texts
pack_nameSets the name of the level pack. May be up to 32 characters long.
second_textSets the second message to appear on the scroller at the bottom of the menu screen. May be up to 32 characters long.

Level Postview Screen Texts
result_#_#Sets the texts for various completions. The first # is the text number; 0 is the worst result (no lemmings saved) while 8 is the best (100% saved). The second # is the line number, either 1 or 2; each result text is two lines. Each line may be up to 32 characters, allowing for 64 characters total for the text. See at the bottom of this page for more about these.
(NeoLemmix Only)
The same as above, but for Karoshi levels. These only range from 0 to 2, instead of 0 to 8. Each line may be up to 32 characters.
congrats_#These are the lines for the congratulations screen after completing the final level. Each line may be up to 32 characters, and there are 18 lines available to use.

Mechanics Options
All of these options are on/off toggles - set them to 1 to turn the option on, set them to 0 (or just leave it out altogether) to turn the option off.
timed_bombersIf enabled, the traditional-style timed bombers are used; otherwise the NeoLemmix / Lemmings Plus style instant bombers are used.
(Traditional Only)
If enabled, the bug with miners on one-way-right walls will be fixed.
(Traditional Only)
If enabled, the slightly shorter fall distance from Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings! will be used; otherwise the Customized Lemmings fall distance will be used.
(Traditional Only)
If enabled, on levels with two entrances, the entrance order will be A, B, B, A (like in original Lemmings) instead of A, B, A, B (like in all other games).
(Traditional Only)
If enabled, lemmings drop from entrances one pixel further to the left than usual (like in original Lemmings).
(Traditional Only)
If enabled, the bug when assigning a climber to a shrugger will be enabled.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled, the bomber's destruction mask will not be auto-symmetricalised.
To match Original Lemmings, turn on: timed_bombers, short_fall_distance, old_entrance_order, old_entrance_position, shrugger_glitch
To match Oh No! More Lemmings!, turn on: timed_bombers, short_fall_distance
To match Customized Lemmings, turn on: timed_bombers

Codes Options
cheat_codeSets the code used to activate cheat mode. Can be up to 10 characters long. Leaving it blank disables activating cheat mode via code (but it can still be activated through the INI file unless that is also disabled).
code_seedSets the seed number used to generate level codes, as well as in NeoLemmix replay security checks. Can be from 0 to 255; just pick any number you like.
enable_inicheatIf enabled (set to 1), cheat mode can be set in the player INI file; otherwise the INI setting is ignored.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled (set to 1), cheat codes can be used to access secret levels, otherwise they can only be used to access standard levels.

Display Options
All of these options are on/off toggles - set them to 1 to turn the option on, set them to 0 (or just leave it out altogether) to turn the option off.
xmas_paletteIf enabled, the Xmas Palette is used for the menu screen graphics, the skill panel and the lemming animations. Graphic sets are not affected; they have their own internal setting.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled, when a skill count (or release rate value) is a one-digit number, the digit is centered in the display box, like how Lemmings Plus III does. Note that if using this option, the left digit 0 should be blank instead of having a 0 image.
(NeoLemmix Only)
Sets the default percent mode; note that this doesn't prevent the user from changing it, it simply specifies what it will default to if no setting exists. 0 is normal percentages,1 is cloner-adjusted percentages, and 2 is disabling percentages.

Other Options
All of these options (except music_count) are on/off toggles - set them to 1 to turn the option on, set them to 0 (or just leave it out altogether) to turn the option off.
music_countSpecifies how many music tracks are in the normal rotation; for example, if you want to play tracks 1 through 6 then restart from track 1, set this to 6. You can still have more tracks than this, for example, you may want 6 tracks in the rotation, and track 7 to play only on a specific level where it's specifically set in the level file; in this case you would set this to 6.
enable_lookforlvlsIf enabled, LookForLVLFiles can be used. If disabled, LookForLVLFiles still appears in the INI, but it won't have any effect.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled, replay security checks will be used, meaning replays can only be loaded on the correct level. Otherwise, they can be loaded on any level.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled, options such as Challenge Mode, Timer Mode, Forced Gimmick, etc will be useable. Otherwise, they will still appear in the INI file, but won't have any effect.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled, autosteel will be enabled on all levels regardless of the level's individual setting.
(NeoLemmix Only)
If enabled, all levels that have autosteel enabled (including if it's enabled via the above option) will use simple autosteel instead of standard autosteel.

Result Text Conditions

In NeoLemmix, the conditions for the result texts are as follows (Traditional is similar but may not match these values exactly):

  0 - No lemmings saved at all
  1 - Less than half the requirement
  2 - Between half the requirement and 10% less than the requirement
  3 - Between 10% less than the requirement and two lemmings less than the requirement
  4 - Short by exactly one lemming
  5 - Saved exactly the requirement
  6 - Between the requirement and 20% more than the requirement
  7 - More than 20% over the requirement but not 100%
  8 - Saved 100% or more

  0 - Failed
  1 - Passed with less than 100%
  2 - Passed with 100% or more