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NeoLemmix Engine

NeoLemmix is a modernised clone of the early-90s video game Lemmings. Its history begins with EricLang's "Lemmix", also a Lemmings clone, which sought to replicate the gameplay physics of the DOS version of Lemmings perfectly, while adding features like framestepping, saveable replays and Windows compatibility. Whereas Lemmix's goal was accurate reproduction, NeoLemmix - which began as a fork of Lemmix by namida - had the goal of removing all the glitches, increasing user-friendliness, and simplifying the use of fan-made content. Eventually, it also introduced many new gameplay features. These days, NeoLemmix is considered a completely distinct engine from Lemmix, and while namida is still the lead developer, Nepster has also been strongly involved in development.

In recent times, NeoLemmix has become the most popular Lemmings clone for which fanmade content is developed, with only Lix even coming close to matching it. Most of the most notable Lemmings fan-packs in recent times have been created for, or ported to, NeoLemmix.

  Lastest stable version: V10.13.18
  Latest experimental version: V11.14.19:1cf3523
  To download older versions of NeoLemmix, visit the download page.

Some of the new features in NeoLemmix include:

  • - Full 32-bit color graphics instead of 16-color palette based
  • - Pixel-perfect mechanics instead of some features being grid-based
  • - Nine new skills, some of which may be familiar from other games such as Lemmings 2: Walker, Swimmer, Glider, Disarmer, Stoner, Platformer, Stacker, Fencer and Cloner
  • - Many new kinds of objects, such as teleporters, locked exits, pickup skills and one-use traps
  • - And more!
  • If you're new to NeoLemmix, it's a great idea to try out the NeoLemmix Introduction Pack to familiarize yourself with NeoLemmix changes and features. You can obtain it here:
      NeoLemmix Introduction Pack: V1.06