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NeoLemmix Graphic Set Tool

The NeoLemmix Graphic Set Tool is a tool for creating and editing NeoLemmix graphic sets, replacing the now-obselete LemSet. The Graphic Set Tool can also import graphic sets from DOS Lemmings / Lemmix, Cheapo, Lemmini and SuperLemmini, making it useful for converting content from these engines to NeoLemmix. Additionally, it can export to and import from a collection of loose files, which is very convenient when designing sets or making significant modifications.

  Lastest stable version: V10.13.14
  Latest experimental version: V10.13.14:2465bbb
  To download older versions of the Graphic Set Tool, visit the download page.

If you are wanting to edit SuperLemmini graphic sets, please use Graphic Set Tool V1.03 (available on the old versions download page), as newer versions only support importing (not editing) SuperLemmini graphic sets.