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My Other Level Packs

These are my level packs that aren't part of the Lemmings Plus series. Please note that these will usually require the latest version of the NeoLemmix Engine.

Doomsday Lemmings
Doomsday Lemmings is a pack of 21 levels that focuses on NeoLemmix's zombie lemmings feature - infectuous undead lemmings that cannot be ordered or saved. The Horror tileset originated from this pack.
  Latest Version: V2.03 (Level List)

NeoLemmix Introduction Pack
The NeoLemmix Introduction Pack is a tutorial pack designed to introduce players to the new features in NeoLemmix, and some of the changes to old features. It's highly recommended for players who are new to NeoLemmix.
  Latest Version: V1.06 (Level List)