Lemmings Plus Series

The Lemmings Plus series are NeoLemmix level packs made by me (namida). At the current time, there are six main entries, two "Omega" entries, two other side entries, and one collection pack. Please note that these will usually require the latest version of the NeoLemmix Engine.

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Main Series

The main series games are large level packs, containing between 65 and 150 levels each. Aside from the first one, these all feature new graphic sets, and most of them also introduce new features. Often, a main-series (or "Omega" series) Lemmings Plus pack will be the first content to make use of a new NeoLemmix feature.

Omega Series

The "Omega" series games follow a similar structure to the main games, and are also large packs, containing between 70 and 120 levels each. The key difference is that the Omega series games do not feature new graphic sets, but rather, use the graphic sets of recent main-series games in new levels.

Side Entries

The side entries are Lemmings Plus packs that do not fit into any of the other groups.

Collection Pack

Unlike the other Lemmings Plus packs, the collection pack does not contain any new content. Instead, it's a selection of 95 of the best levels from the series overall.