NeoLemmix Editor (NLEditor)

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Please note: You should not EVER add to other people's styles, except with the creator's agreement. This includes the official L1 / etc styles. NeoLemmix allows mixing of multiple styles in a single level, so please place your custom pieces in a new style under your own name. There is a topic of Lemmings Forums with more detail on this.


The NeoLemmix Editor is an improved version of the Lemmix editor, designed exclusively for editing NeoLemmix levels. Unlike the Lemmix Editor, which supported as many engines as possible at the time, the NeoLemmix Editor focuses solely on NeoLemmix (in the past it also allowed creating / editing SuperLemmini levels, but this feature has been dropped in newer versions). It is however possible to import levels made for DOS Lemmings / Lemmix, Lemmini and SuperLemmini.

Please be aware that newer versions of the editor no longer have a copy of the NeoLemmix Engine included. You should download this seperately on the NeoLemmix Engine page and place it in the same folder as the editor.

Note for SuperLemmini users: If you are wanting the NeoLemmix Editor in order to edit SuperLemmini levels, please visit the download page for older versions and download V1.43n-C. This is the last version that retained SuperLemmini support.